A little over a month ago, I accidentally backed into my neighbor’s car. Yesterday, I was finally able to drop it off at the body shop to get it worked on. I also had to get a rental car to drive for a few days while my car was in the shop.

On our way to pick up the rental car, my kids kept telling me to get a Corvette or a Lamborghini. I explained to them that my insurance company was only going to cover some lame sedan or compact car. When we arrived at our local Enterprise Rent-A-Car, we walked right past a little compact car and the kids joked that it would be funny if I got a Smart Car.

When my boys and I walked into the office, we were quickly greeted by two friendly employees, a man and a woman in their mid-20’s. As I was talking to the gentleman about my rental car and how I didn’t want a compact car, my oldest son asked if they had any Corvettes for rent. He said all they had was a Chevy Camaro but he wasn’t sure if my insurance company would cover it.

Right then, the lady employee asked my boys what they were up to for the day. They proceeded to tell her that we were going to watch WWE’s Royal Rumble that evening. The other employee’s eyes got really big and he excitedly told the boys that he was going to be watching it too. He asked me if “papa” was a wrestling fan too and put his hand on my shoulder (as if he was wanting to know if he was going to hook up a fellow wrestling fan).

Of course, I told him I was a fan. I don’t mind wrestling but I’m not into it like I was when I was a kid in the 80’s.

Wouldn’t you know we got the Camaro? You should have seen how excited the kids were. By their reactions, you would have thought we got a Lamborghini or something. They were already fighting over who got to ride in it to school.

I have no idea if my insurance company really covered it or if the guy hooked us up.

I don’t really care.

It was a really fun experience for all of us. We even had to drive out to my parents’ house and show them “Dad’s new car.”

Since I’m quickly approaching 40, I couldn’t help but have some but post the following on Instagram and Facebook:

Can you say “mid-life crisis”?

A photo posted by Jay Lane (@jaytakespictures) on

Here’s what my Facebook post looked like:

My Facebook post about having a mid-life crisis.

And here’s what my son posted on Instagram:

My son bragged on Instagram about his Dad's "New car."

I was really surprised by the reactions. People were excited for me and congratulating me on the new “purchase.”

I thought it was pretty funny but also a little sad that people thought I could make an impulsive buy like that. I’ve got a wife and three young kids at home!

Today, I had to fess up and tell everyone that it was just a rental car. I don’t think anyone was surprised.

I learned a very valuable lesson in this whole experience.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a sports car!

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