Last Sunday night, my wife and I took the kids to the Georgetown Drive-In in Georgetown, Indiana. We had been a handful of times over the past dozen years but hadn’t taken the kids in awhile. It was Labor Day weekend and we thought it would be a fun family thing to do.


They have speakers that you can hang on your car’s window to hear the movie. You can also use your car stereo as well.

The Georgetown Drive-In was opened in the early 1950’s and it immediately feels that way when you see their sign by the road, the screens and their concessions stand.

If you’ve never been to a drive-in movie, it’s a unique experience. For starters, you park your car where you want, bring in your own food/drinks (without having to sneak them in) and you can enjoy the movie(s) from the comfort of your car, the back of a pick-up truck or on your own lawn chairs. They have speakers you can hang on your car’s window to hear the movie. You can also dial into a radio frequency from your car stereo to have the movie sounds pumped through your car’s speakers.

Another cool thing about drive-in movies is that they typically offer multiple movies on each screen. Last weekend, the Georgetown Drive-In had Minions/Jurassic World on screen #1 and Max/Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 on screen #2. If you don’t like the movie you’re watching, you can turn and watch another screen.


The family eagerly awaiting the start of Minions.

We opted for screen #1. I (errr….I mean the kids) love the minions and wanted to see the movie. We knew that Jurassic World wouldn’t excite two of our kids so we made sure we brought their tablets with us so they could entertain themselves. We also brought pillows and blankets with us so the kids could get comfortable in the back of our car while Mary and I sat in bag chairs on the ground. On our way, we stopped and got some candy and drinks for everyone.

They had a pretty good selection of food in their concession stand and the prices were pretty reasonable. We got five slushies, four buckets of popcorn and two deep-fried Twinkies (they were delicious) for less than $20.

The only negative from the night (other than the kids fighting in the back of the car) was that the lines to the bathrooms got a little long, especially on the women’s side. It ended up not being a huge deal though.

Overall, it was a great experience for my family. We really enjoyed it and will be going back next summer.

I would highly recommend taking your family to a drive-in movie. Sadly, they’re disappearing across the country and being replaced by the big indoor movie theaters. Hopefully, you can still find one nearby.

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