My oldest son, Ethan, starts middle school tomorrow.

I’m not thrilled about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for him. I want him to expand his horizons, learn and grow as a person.

I just can’t believe how quickly time has flown by.

Six years ago, we put him on the bus as a kindergartner with a backpack that was bigger than him.

Tomorrow morning, we will drop him off at school and he’ll be facing new challenges. With those challenges comes growth, new experiences and hopefully new friends.

I’m slightly anxious for him.  I remember what it was like but I know he’ll fine.

Me? I’m not so sure.

Here are a few changes for our family:

1) Middle school starts an hour earlier than elementary school. When you have kids, you try to sleep as long as you can. It’s a precious commodity. It’s hard enough for Mary and I to get out of bed, much less getting three zombie, monster kids ready.

2) Our kids will be at two different schools. Last year was the last time all three of our kids will be in the same school together. In two years, they’ll be spread out over three different schools (elementary, middle and high school). I can’t wait.

3) Elementary school was so innocent. The kids are sweet (mostly). In middle school, the kids become little you-know-what’s. It’s an awkward time for everyone. Personally, I didn’t like 6th grade. I went to a rough middle school and had to deal with bullies every day. That’s the main thing I remember about that school. As long as Ethan is safe at school, I’m not too worried about anything else.

4) Homework will suck. I’m horrible at math and science. I could barely help Ethan with his 5th grade homework. In middle school, the kids get into more complex math and other subjects. Fortunately, my good friend Google is always willing to help. Maybe I’ll learn a thing or two. Or maybe I’ll feel more stupid than I already do.

5) I’m getting old. I turned 38 last week. I can’t believe that I have a kid in middle school. I don’t feel old. Each year, I remember more and more about what I was dealing with at that age. It’s crazy.

Change is good.

I’m looking forward to seeing Ethan’s growth from a little kid to a young man. I’ve got a front row seat for the whole thing.

I just hope we can get out of bed in the morning.


Here’s Ethan, Mary and I after Ethan’s 5th grade “advancement” (not graduation) ceremony.

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