While I already own two LEGO minifigs sets, The Simpsons Series and The Simpsons Series 2, I’ve never really considered myself a minifig collector. I bought The Simpsons sets because I already had a huge non-LEGO The Simpsons collection at home and I was just starting to get back into LEGO (after 20-year+ layoff). These minifig sets, along with The Simpsons House and  The Kwik-E-Mart helped re-kindle my love for LEGO, though.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been on a huge LEGO Batman kick and I was really excited about the sets that LEGO released in December for The LEGO Batman movie. Fortunately, Santa came through for me big time and I got all five sets that came out in December 2016: Mr. Freeze Ice Attack, The Batmobile, The Joker Notorious Lowrider, Mr. Freeze Ice Attack and Batcave Break-in.

When I heard that LEGO was releasing a set of 20 minifigs for the new movie on January 1, I was psyched. Earlier this month, I drove around town looking for them but couldn’t find them anywhere. Since I wasn’t having much luck finding them locally and was having serious impulse-control issues, I went ahead and ordered 40 minifigs (the max allowed) on LEGO.com. I had read that there were 60 unique minifigs (three full sets) in a case and hoped that I would be able to make a full set.

On the night that I opened the minifigs, my 8-year-old daughter insisted on helping me open the grab bags. It really was a lot of fun blindly opening the bags and seeing what we got. It was an experience that I missed with the two Simpsons minifig sets above because I bought complete sets off Amazon.

Out of the first 10 grab bags we opened, we got 8 unique minifigs. I was pretty happy with those odds but my wife smartly suggested that we start “feeling” the grab bags to determine what minifigs were inside. That was a fun game in itself, especially when we got down to the last few remaining minifigs. I was able to pull together a full set of 20 out of the 24 grab bags we opened.

I’ll share some tips below for figuring out what minifigs are in each grab bag to help you make a full set too.

Before I get into my review, here are a few quick thoughts:

  • I love Batman and have been a huge fan since the Batman movies were released back in the 90’s with Michael Keaton (still my all-time favorite). I also watched re-runs of the classic TV series as a kid. That’s why I had to get the Classic Batcave set last year.
  • I don’t know the backstory/history on Batman and all the villains. I never read Batman comics. Most of what I’m going to share in this review is what I’ve learned about some of the more obscure minifigs during this whole adventure. I learned a lot from the Batman Wikia and I’ll be sharing links about some of the minifigs below.
  • There were 8 characters/villains I had never heard of. I’ll talk more about these below.
  • This is a pretty long review with 20 minifigs and a lot of pictures. Feel free to skip ahead to the minifigs you’re most interested in.
  • I paid for all these minifigs with my own money. I’ve seen some reviewers had LEGO send them minifigs in advance of the release. I was not so lucky.

That’s it. Let’s get into the review.

The Packaging

They fit 60 of these bad boys into a box. You can see from the packaging that it’s impossible to see what’s inside. I guess that’s why they call it a “grab bag.” Also, note the huge crease on the right side. I believe this was The Calculator’s shoulder pads. The packaging is pretty darn thick too. LEGO really wants to make you work if you’re trying to find certain minifigs. Fortunately, I’ve included some tips below to help you locate those hard-to-find minifigs.

The Checklist/Instructions

Every minifig comes with the checklist below. If you’re going to be out in stores looking for specific minifigs, I would HIGHLY recommend that you have this with you. And don’t worry, this same exact sheet is included with all 20 minifigs. You’ll most likely end up with a stack of them if you’re going for the full set.

Note that it says “Limited Edition” at the top. I’ve read in several places that this is going to be a limited run and that the demand might outweigh the supply. That was part of the reason why I didn’t wait to buy a complete set.

The back side of the checklist has a promo for the LEGO Batman Movie, instructions for assembling the minifigs and a promo for the next set of LEGO minifigures to be released in May. I think LEGO picked out the most complex minifigs to include in the instructions. They are pretty easy to assemble, considering there aren’t any extra pieces and you don’t have to sort through various bricks like you would in a set.

The Minifigs

Lobster-Lovin’ Batman

Batman eating lobster is one of the first things I remember seeing in a sneak peek trailer for the LEGO Batman movie. I love the playfulness of it. As a Dad, I’ve always thought it would be funny to create a brick film showing the personal side of super heroes. Imagine Batman coming home to his wife and kids after a long day at work. He’d be wearing a business suit and his mask. There would be family pictures in the background with Batman (wearing his mask) and the rest of the family. I guess when you think about it, that’s kind of what these LEGO movies are. Oh well. I’m happy to see this side of Batman, especially after recently watching the Dark Knight trilogy. They are so dark.

The LEGO Batman Movie: Lobster Lovin' Batman

As you can see in the picture. The lobster barely fits in the platter. I guess that’s somewhat realistic but I’m slightly worried about losing the lobster while Batman sits on my minifig shelf. The lobster itself is pretty detailed too with those beady little black eyes.

The LEGO Batman Movie: Lobster Lovin' Batman 2

I love the detail in the platter with what I can only guess is lettuce and other garnishings. The robe is a little risque showing off Batman’s chiseled physique.

The LEGO Batman Movie: Lobster Lovin' Batman 3

There’s no alternate expression on the back of the head. Unfortunately, that’s the case with most of the minifigs in this set. The design of his robe carries through to the back but it’s pretty weak. He’s supposed to be wearing a robe, not a top and shorts. I guess it’s harder to print details on the legs.

How to Find One

The lobster is probably the easiest item to look for but you have to be careful not to get it confused with Harley Quinn’s hair piece. The platter is unique too. Finding the mask will help you narrow it down to a Batman-like minifig but there are six of those in the set.

Glam Metal Batman

Have you ever imagined Batman in a heavy metal band? Now you don’t have to. Glam Metal Batman is a cross between a super hero and heavy metal rocker. He looks like he could step right into a KISS cover band. The more I look at this minifig, I like it even more. It’s probably in my top 5 for this set.

Glam Metal Batman

The small details in this minifig are awesome. The mask, shoulder pads and guitar are all really nice touches. I especially love the bat symbol on his mask.

Glam Metal Batman 2

Look at the expression on that face. He’s definitely ready to wail. The front of his shirt looks like something straight out of the 70’s. The only thing he’s missing is a hairy chest. Look at the subtle Bat symbols on his pants.

Glam Metal Batman 3

With this minifig, the party is definitely in the front with nothing in the back. I guess it’s because he’s wearing a cape but there is no detail in the back at all. How sweet would it have been to see him with a mullet?

How to Find One

You can’t count on the mask because there’s just too many minifigs wearing one like it. I’d look for the spiked shoulder pads. Be careful not to get it mixed up with The Calculator’s or Hood’s. The guitar is a dead giveaway too.

Fairy Batman

For me, this was probably the most unexpected minifig in the set. I love having it in my collection. I can’t wait to see how this shows up in the movie.

Fairy Batman

The details are amazing. I love the whole pink and black mixture. The pink tutu, wings and magic wand are amazing.

Fairy Batman 2

The expression on Batman’s face is priceless like “Hmmm. What have I gotten myself into?”

Fairy Batman 3

Like most of the minifigs so far, his head only has one expression printed on the front. The rest of the back of him is pretty disappointing too. At least he’s covered by the tutu and fairy wings.

How to Find One

You definitely have to look for the wings. They’re really hard plastic, curved and should be pretty easy to feel. If you’re unsure, you can feel for the magic wand. I wouldn’t count on the tutu too much because it’s a little too close to what Batgirl is wearing.

Clan of the Cave Batman

I couldn’t help but think of the classic cartoon character, Captain Caveman when I first saw this minifig. Captain Batmaaaaaaan! Again, it’s a completely random look at Batman. It will definitely be interesting to see how this comes out in the movie.

Clan of the Cave Batman

The whole costume is pretty cool. He looks like he came straight out of prehistoric times. That spiked club could do some serious damage.

Clan of the Cave Batman 2

I really like the tattered and torn clothing. I’m not sure how I feel about brown, though.

Clan of the Cave Batman 3

I feel like this is becoming a recurring theme but the back of this minifig is blah. There’s nothing going on back there.

How to Find One

The spiked club is really the best way to find this guy. Some of the other minifigs have bulky items but nothing shaped liked that.

Vacation Batman

This is by far my most favorite minifig in the set. He’s totally worth the price of admission too. I would imagine that everyone will want this guy in their collection.

Vacation Batman

There’s nothing that I don’t like about this guy, except maybe he can’t stand on a studded brick (1×3) like all the other minifigs. I can get past that, though. I love that everything has the Bat symbol on it, from his bathing suit, the floating ducky and his shorts. You gotta sport the Batman brand. The goggles and flippers are a nice touch too.

Vacation Batman 2

Batman has the look on his face as if to say, “Vacation? I’d rather be fighting The Joker.” I really like the matching shirt and swim trunks. Everything ties together so nicely.

Vacation Batman 3

I think this is the first minifig not to disappoint on the backside. I love how the bat symbols are carried through on the back of his torso and you can at least tell he’s wearing shorts.

How to Find One

You can spot that floating ducky from a mile away. It’s pretty large and you should be able to feel the round circle and the duck’s head pretty easily.

Barbara Gordon

So here’s where my knowledge of Batman falls flat. I first thought this was just a random police officer. And then when I saw “Barbara Gordon,” I was confused even more. I watched the first two seasons of “Gotham” on TV (but stopped because there was no Batman) and I remembered that Jim Gordon’s girlfriend was named Barbara. After reading around a little bit more, I realized that she’s Commissioner Gordon’s daughter. In this set, she’s portrayed as a police officer but according to the Batman Wikia, she’s Batgirl. I’m so confused. I can’t tell if this is the same person that’s wearing the Batgirl outfit below. I guess we’ll find out in the movie.

Barbara Gordon

As one of the few females in the set, I like some of the details. The uniform is a little meh but the hat with the attached hair is a pretty cool feature. I’m not exactly sure what’s up with the Batman button. Maybe it’s like the Staples easy button? Maybe?

Barbara Gordon 2

After removing the hat and attached hair, you see the feminine features really stand out on her face. I would have liked to see the belt a little bit lower to be more realistic but I’m sure that’s a limitation with the printing.

Barbara Gordon 3

The back printing is pretty minimal but at least they do carry the belt and sash(?) around.

How to Find One

I found mine by finding the police hat and feeling the super smooth surface on the top of it. If you’re unsure, you could look for the little button too. Just be careful because you could get it mixed up with the top of The Eraser’s head. One more note. The printed checklist doesn’t show the Batman button and 1×1 tile pictured above but it definitely comes with the set.

Commissioner Jim Gordon

This is definitely one of my favorite non-Batman minifigs in the set. I love how he looks like a grizzly veteran cop and tough like he’s ready to whip up on some bad guys.

Commissioner Jim Gordon

From the beard stubble to the shoulder holster, they really didn’t leave out much. The “wanted” poster is cool. I definitely would have preferred that they had included a sidearm of some kind, maybe an old-school revolver.

Commissioner Jim Gordon 3

In addition to the little features I mentioned above, I also like the glasses and unloosened tie. The police badge hanging from his belt is a nice touch, although I think it would have looked cooler hanging around his neck.

Commissioner Jim Gordon 3

The back for this one brings in some of the cool little details from the front. I don’t know what it is about shoulder holsters but I think they are so cool. When I was a kid, I imagined wearing one as an FBI agent.

How to Find One

This one is a little bit trickier than the ones we’ve covered so far. Your only choices really are the radio and the 2×2 tile (Wanted poster). You have to be careful thought because two other minifigs have the 2×2 tiles. The radio is also a little tricky too because the end of it could be mistaken for Fairy Batman’s wand. Putting them both together makes the job a little bit easier.

The Joker – Arkham Asylum

Ahh, finally a bad guy. The Joker, Batman’s arch-nemesis. I was so happy to see the Joker in this set, especially since more of what I’d consider classic villains are nowhere to be found (more on that later). Not to mention, I like this slightly less scary version, especially after recently watching The Dark Knight. Heath Ledger’s Joker was a little too dark for me. The only downside I see with this minifig is that it’s almost exactly like the Joker that comes with the new Arkham Asylum set (except for a different printed face). I would have liked to see LEGO mix it up a little bit more.

The Joker - Arkham Asylum

I love the colors in this one. Some might consider the orange jumpsuit boring but I really like it. The finer details and lines on the jumpsuit are pretty cool. I’m not sure what the deal is with the one sharp fang sticking out of his mouth.

The Joker - Arkham Asylum

I have to admit that his hairpiece looks a lot like a head of lettuce when it’s sitting off to the side. It’s much better on his head. I guess you could say that about all the minifigs, right? I’ve never been a huge fan of the big oversized handcuffs but they seem to work in this set. The only other thing I think is missing is that there should probably be some kind of inmate number printed on the front. Maybe that’s nit-picking too much?

The Joker - The Arkham Asylum

Here’s the first minifig so far with a printed face on the back. He looks so stinkin’ sad! I almost feel sorry for him. They did a nice job on the back of the jumpsuit and in this case, I don’t mind that there’s nothing printed on the back of the pants. That’s how they should look.

How to Find One

This is another slightly tricky one because none of the accessories really stand out. Your best bet is to locate the hairpiece and then verify with the handcuffs. The only other set with handcuffs is Barbara Gordon. You can exclude her by finding the police officer hat.

Dick Grayson

Holy sardines, Batman! I think Robin is going to be one of my favorite characters from the movie. You can’t help but laugh when you see him. Those glasses are ridiculous. Also, are those Robins on the front of his sweater? Very subtle, LEGO. Nice.

Dick Grayson

They really did a great job with this minifig. The red sweater, belt, and jeans are nicely detailed. I wish that LEGO could print the top of the sweater a little closer to the neck. I guess the technology isn’t there yet.

And the winner for best accessory goes to Dick Grayson! Shark Repellant Bat spray? It’s a thing. Check out this video from the classic Batman TV series on YouTube. I also really like the glasses attached to the hairpiece.

Dick Grayson 3

I was a little disappointed that Robin didn’t have another expression printed on the back of his head. The sweater details are nice too. It seems like they made a mistake by not carrying the belt all the way around to the back.

How to Find One

The hairpiece is probably the best path to go, especially since the glasses are attached to it. You could potentially mix it up with The Calculator’s helmet but you could eliminate him because of the shoulder piece. Finding the nozzle for the shark repellant is pretty helpful as well.

Pink Power Batgirl

Who would ever think that two minifigs in a Batman set would be rocking pink? I wouldn’t have. I think most of the Gotham good guys are included. This version of Batgirl is quite a bit different than the one that comes with The Catwoman Catcycle Chase.

Pink Power Batgirl

This Batgirl looks like she could easily go from the runway to a dark alley taking on the bad guys. I like the whole ensemble. This outfit reminds me of how all the NFL players wear pink during October for Breast Cancer awareness. It really pops. Maybe there’s a nod there.

Pink Power Batgirl 2

The hairpiece is really detailed, compared to a lot of what I’ve seen on other minifigs. I like how she’s wearing a mask over her eyes instead of a full mask. It’s quite a bit different than the one that comes with the Catwoman set I mentioned above.

Pink Power Batgirl 3

Here’s the second minifig we’ve looked at that has an alternative expression facial expression painted on the back. The details for the legs are carried through to the back but her back is definitely a big meh.

How to Find One

I would probably start with the hairpiece. It’s similar to Harley Quinn’s and the lobster but you should be able to pick it out. The tutu makes things easier as well but you have to watch out for the tutu that comes with the Fairy Batman.

Red Hood

The Red Hood is another villain that I knew nothing about before seeing him in the set. According to Wikia, there are several different back stories on who he is. One was that it was The Joker and another one about a criminal that eventually became The Joker.

Red Hood

My immediate impression is that I don’t care for the “hood.” I get that it’s supposed to be a helmet of some kind but how can he see out of it? I guess you can only do so much with LEGO.

Red Hood 2

I really dig the guy’s black suit with the purple tie, vest and gloves. I also really like the dual guns. Finally, a bad guy with some guns! The helmet and shoulder pads are a little too bulky for me. I think he would have been fine without them but then again, I guess he wouldn’t be the Red Hood. When I see his mask, it makes me think of Deadpool. It’s still a cool look, though.

Red Hood 3

Since he’s wearing the shoulder pads and cape, there’s really no reason for back graphics.

How to Find One

I’d start with the “hood.” There aren’t any other pieces that big with a smooth top. You can then verify with the shoulder pads or two guns. Just be careful because you could get the shoulder pads mixed up with The Calculator’s.

The Eraser

The Eraser? Seriously? As you can tell, I’ve never heard of him. Apparently, he’s a villain that “erases” evidence from crime scenes. He has a list that he carries around with him to remind him to erase stuff? It reminds me of the scene from Billy Madison where the guy marks out Billy’s name on his “People to Kill” list.

The Eraser

Even though this minifig is really weird, you have to like the details. His suit is pinstriped liked a pencil. Also, check out his feet. They look like sharpened pencil tips.

The Eraser 2

I like how they’ve made his head look like an eraser (imagine that).

The Eraser 3

The eraser and pencil top are carried around to the back quite nicely as are the pinstripes on his suit.

How to Find One

I’d start with the 2×2 tile. You can then eliminate Harley Quinn because of the hair and Commissioner Gordon because of his hair/handcuffs. I wouldn’t count on the “eraser” piece because Barbara Gordon has a similar tile in her set.

Nurse Harley Quinn

Finally, another bad guy that we all know and love. Except this Harley Quinn isn’t technically a bad guy. Yet. She’s a nurse at Arkham Asylum and hasn’t yet been influenced by The Joker.

Nurse Harley Quinn

I really like the colors in this minifig. The hairpiece features a detachable nurse’s hat. I also like the clipboard with notes on The Joker along with a heart with an “H&J” written on it.

Harley Quinn 2

It’s amazing how different Harley looks without her huge hairpiece. I think the red boots with laces are a nice touch.

Harley Quinn 3

Too bad there aren’t any additional facial expressions on the back of the head. The nurse’s outfit is carried onto the back of the torso and there’s definitely a separation for her red boots.


This is probably the weirdest minifig in the set. A killer whale minifig? Um, okay. According to Wikia, Orca started as a human scientist that worked at an aquarium and was experimenting with whale genes as a way of regenerating her spinal cord (because she was hurt in an accident). She has the ability to change back and forth between being a human and a whale. After getting shot, the scientist swallows the rest of her formula and permanently turns into a killer whale.


Even though this minifig is kind of weird, you can’t argue with the nice details, such as the flippers for arms and the whale body suit that fits over the minifig’s head

Orca 2

Here’s a side view so you can see the dimension of the suit.

Orca 3

The detail on this head is crazy and a little scary. Tell me it doesn’t look like a baby crying over her dead fish. Am I right?

Orca 4

There aren’t any details on the back at all but then again, the whale suit completely covers the back of the head and the back of the torso.

How to Find One

The killer whale suit makes it pretty easy to find this one. You should also be able to feel the flippers/arms.

Zodiac Master

Here’s another completely obscure super villain. The Zodiac Master became well-known in Gotham City because he could accurately predict tragic events that were going to happen in the future. The thing is that he actually caused the events to happen in the first place. His suit is covered by various Zodiac symbols.

Zodiac Master

The fish and the crab are nice details but I have no idea what they’re for. If you take them away, he’s just a plain, boring dude.

Zodiac Master 2

I’m pretty meh on this one but I do like his facial expression. The zodiac symbols look like they were colored on with a magic marker.

Zodiac Master 3

The meh continues on the back. They at least carried through some of the details from the front of the torso.

How to Find One

I’m not sure that you’ll be really excited about finding this guy unless you’re trying to make a complete set. The crab is probably a good starting point and you can verify with the fish.


When I first saw this one, I thought, “Awesome. Batman dressed up like Wolverine!” I was quickly disappointed to learn that it’s not Batman. According to the Batman Wikia, Catman is a world-class hunter that turned to a life of crime after squandering his fortune.


This might be my favorite villain although I had never heard of him until I got this set. He looks pretty sweet with those claws. Much better than the images I saw on Wikia.

Catman 2

I really do like the details on the torso. I keep getting tricked into thinking it’s Wolverine. He does have a lot of accessories. The more the merrier, I always say.

Catman 3

Not much details needed on the back because of the cape but I do like how they separate the torso from the legs.

How to Find One

The claws are really the only way to distinguish this one from the other Batman minifig unless you’re able to single out the utility belt. What’s weird about the utility belt is that it comes with every other Batman in the The LEGO Batman series but none of the Batmans in this set are wearing it.

March Harriet

So let me get this straight? March Harriet is a villain that dresses like a bunny rabbit? Uh, okay. I’m so scared.

March Harriet

Even though I think it’s pretty lame, I do like the bunny suit. The costume itself is pretty detailed as well.

March Harriet 2

I think my favorite part of this set is the Tommy Gun. It’s a traditional gangster weapon.

March Harriet 3

Nothing impressive to see here. At least they carried the shirt design through to the back.

What to Look For

Between the bunny ears and the Tommy Gun, you shouldn’t have any problems.

The Calculator

So this dude used to get whipped by super heroes only so he could press a button on his suit that would record their fighting styles and help ensure that he couldn’t be beaten by them again? Come on. Nothing super about this villain. I’d rather type “80,085” (or 58,008) into MY calculator. It would be more fun. Yes. I’m a kid in a grown man’s body.

The Calculator

Even though I’m not thrilled by the character, the details aren’t too bad. The helmet with the calculator screen is kind of funny and the buttons on the front of the suit are nice.

Here’s a shot with the visor pulled down.

The Calculator 3

Considering that most of his torso is covered up, these details aren’t bad. He definitely has the menacing look of a bad guy.

The Calculator 4

The back would be super plain if not for the belt that’s continued around from the front.

King Tut

King Tut might be an obscure villain for some but I actually know who he is from watching reruns of the Classic Batman TV series when I was a kid. If you don’t know, he’s a criminal Egyptologist that leaves Egyptian-themed clues when he commits crimes.

King Tut

There’s a lot to like from this minifig from the cobra-shaped staff to his head gear. I’m sure I’m missing something but the snake seems a little out of place.

King Tut 2

Once you remove the headgear and cape, you see all of the fine details printed on his torso and upper legs. His staff is pretty detailed too.

King Tut 3

Not a lot of detail in the back but they do carry the different colors of his pants over.

How to Find One

The head gear might work but there are several other minifigs with a similar piece. You might have trouble singling out the snake but there aren’t any other pieces as long as the cobra staff.

The Mime

Speaking of obscure villains, The Mime is at the top of the list. I couldn’t find anything on the Batman Wikia about her but found some info about her here. It says that her weapon of choice is a pistol but that she also has electrified hands. Maybe that’s why she has lightning bolts coming out of her hands?

The Mime

Even if she’s obscure, she has some pretty nice details. The face painting is pretty sweet and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a minifig with a mohawk. The outfit is pretty weak though.

The Mime 2

She looks more like an 80’s rocker than a villain. Without the mohawk, she looks more like a mime.

The Mime 3

Some details are carried from the front of the torso to the back. Again, I like how there’s definitely a difference between her shirt and pants.

How to Find One

All you have to find are the two lighting bolts, although you might be able to feel the mohawk too.

Final Thoughts

The Good:

  • I really like the nice selection of fun Batman minifigs. These alone are reason enough to buy the set.
  • There’s almost an even split between good guys (9) and bad guys (11).
  • LEGO put out 20 minifigs in the set. Most sets come with 16.

The Bad: 

  • A good portion of the bad guys will be pretty obscure for the average Batman fan. I count 7 or 8 depending on how much you know about all the backstories.
  • I was really disappointed to not see Alfred, The Penguin, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Bane or Two-Face.  I expected to see more familiar faces. Maybe they won’t be so obscure after The LEGO Batman movie comes out.
  • I like The Joker minifig but he’s almost exactly the same one that comes with the Arkham Asylum set. Most of the other minifigs are unique and not available in other sets.

Overall, I’m still really excited about the set. There are a handful of minifigs I could do without but they do all look really nice on my shelf. I also really enjoyed opening the grab bags blindly. It was also fun grabbing the packages and trying to figure out what minifig was inside the package. If you just want to find a full set, you can go on Amazon or eBay and pay a couple dollars more per minifig.

I’m really looking forward to seeing The LEGO Batman movie and what other minifigs/sets come out.

What do you think? Who are your favorite and least favorite minifigs in the set? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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