I had to get the obligatory photo of the kids standing in front of the movie poster.

On Saturday, my wife and I took our kids (and my brother) to see The LEGO Batman movie. It’s amazing that I was able to wait that long. If not for my kids wanting to see it, I would have gone on opening night by myself. I had been eagerly awaiting the release of additional LEGO movies after seeing the original The LEGO Movie three years ago. Having built most of the new LEGO Batman Movie sets added to the excitement.

One of the things I loved about the first LEGO movie was Batman. I loved the character and the voice-over work by Will Arnett. After seeing an entire movie about LEGO Batman, I can tell you that I wasn’t disappointed at all.

Here are some quick thoughts about the movie:

  • They previewed the new Ninjago movie that’s coming out in September. I saw it online a few days ago and at first, thought it was a straight-to-DVD movie but was pleasantly surprised to find out it’s a full LEGO movie. It looks awesome. You can see the trailer here.
  • All of the current The LEGO Batman Movie sets and minifigs are represented in the movie. Granted, some of the villains have quick cameos but they’re in there. The kids loved pointing out the sets and different minifigs throughout the movie. Additionally, we got a glimpse into future sets and minifigs that will be released this summer. I’m going to go ahead and give all my money to LEGO now.
  • This movie was as family-friendly as any movie I can remember seeing in a long time. It’s rated PG but I didn’t see anything that I would find objectionable throughout the whole movie. There was no bad language and no inappropriate innuendos that I can remember.
  • The humor was both kid-appropriate and adult-appropriate at the same time. I laughed out loud throughout the movie. Maybe that’s because I’m a big kid. My wife and kids laughed too.
  • There are some cameos from very unexpected characters throughout the movie. Since I’m a child from the 80’s, I really appreciated some of the cameos. You’ll have to watch the movie to see what I’m talking about.
  • The voice-over talent was great. I knew who voiced some of the main characters but I was surprised to see a decent amount of A-list actors in the movie credits. I would imagine that a lot of actors lined up for the opportunity to voice characters in any LEGO movie.
  • It has a really good, family-friendly story line. I mention this after recently watching the series of The Dark Knight movies. I loved the action in those movie but they’re a little too dark for the kids. This movie has humor, action and a good message. It’s great for all ages.

Overall, it was a great movie. I might even see it again before it leaves theaters. I’ll definitely own the DVD.

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