I’ve been on a huge LEGO kick recently, having built 19 sets in the past 6 weeks. After running out of sets to build, I started organizing all of our loose bricks and creating some custom projects. My first creation was a Classic Nintendo Controller.

For my second project, I decided to tackle my home state of Kentucky. I got the idea after seeing a friend’s Facebook post showing a woodworking project where he cut out the outline of Kentucky from a piece of wood.

Here’s how I did it:

1) I searched online for a diagram of Kentucky and then printed it out.

2) To complete the first layer, I laid out the bricks over the diagram trying to match the outline of Kentucky as best I could. Having all of my bricks somewhat organized, made the whole process a lot easier (and quicker). I thought about trying to use only one color brick but decided that wasn’t worth all the extra effort. I actually preferred the color assortment anyway.

3) To solidify the piece, I added a second layer of the thicker bricks.

4) Even though the piece was thicker, it still wasn’t very stable so I decided to add one more layer. I also thought it would be cool to do vertical stripes and fortunately, I was able to find all the appropriate pieces. I also added some flat pieces on the back to help keep the piece together.

The Finished Project

In the end, it was another fun project and I’m thinking about sticking it on a large grid plate for display. I might even make a frame for it. It’s going to look good on my shelf next to the Nintendo controller.

Stay tuned for my next LEGO project.

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