Look Mom! I made the cover of Dime magazine. It looks just like me except that I’m not skinny, don’t have that much muscle and I don’t stand 6’6″. I do have the facial hair though.

In 2014, I committed to blogging at least two times per week. As part of that commitment, I started this blog because I thought it would be fun to write about two of my favorite things: being a dad and video games.

When I started this blog back in January, I couldn’t publish content fast enough. I was churning out the posts and had to pace myself. I had some nice momentum going. Then I went on vacation in late February and then I bought NBA2K14 for my Xbox 360.

Since I got the game, I’ve been borderline obsessed with it. I play it almost every night after my kids go to bed and any other time I can squeeze it in. I haven’t been writing anything for this blog and haven’t spent any time on any of my other projects. My personal productivity has gone right down the crapper. 

What’s So Great About the Game?

I love the “My Career” mode. You create your own player and control him throughout his NBA career. As you play, you earn “Virtual Currency” based on how you play and you can use it to build up your player’s attributes to make him a better shooter, rebounder, etc. During the games, you are only able to control your created player. You can ask for the ball but depending on the situation, your teammate might not pass it to you. When you go to the bench, you can simulate the game until your next appearance.

When I finished creating my player, I played in the Rookie Game where I tried to improve my draft stock. After the game was over, I was interviewed by three teams. Each interview consisted of two multiple choice questions. Then came draft day where I had to sit through twelve picks before I was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks.  I was the designated Sixth Man for the majority of the season and I didn’t crack the starting line-up until the coach was fired with four games left in the regular season. The team sucked. I think we won 20 games (out of 82) the whole season. I ended up simulating half the games because I couldn’t handle all the losing.

I’m now 52 games into my second season (with a 27-25 record) and fighting for a playoff spot with the LA Clippers. I got traded at the beginning of the season after I requested a trade (because I was tired of losing). I’m averaging almost 22 points and 5 rebounds a game. I love the challenge of trying to improve my personal stats each week. The team is currently on a losing streak and there are rumors that I might be traded (at least that’s what I heard in my last post-game conference).

The gameplay graphics are awesome as well. The way that the players move on the court is very fluid and smooth. It’s the most realistic basketball game I’ve ever seen. They thought of everything.

Even though I love the game, I probably should start dialing back the amount of time I spend playing it. I need to focus a little less on my video gaming professional career and a little more on my real-life professional career.

I’m going to get right on that as soon as I win a championship (or two).

What video game is killing your productivity?

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