Our next Awesome Dad is Chris Mccubbins. I’ve known Chris for well over a decade now. He’s one of my wife’s cousins and I’ve spent a lot of time around him. We’ve played a ton of poker and have been on some family trips together. He’s one of the greatest guys you could ever meet and is a wonderful dad to his girls. I’m honored to get to profile him as one of our #AwesomeDads.

chris-mccubbins-21) Tell us a little bit about yourself. My name is Chris Mccubbins and I’m the father to two wonderful girls, Baylee & Jordan. I currently work at Ford and have been there for 17 years.

2) How long have you been a father? 12 years and counting. LOL.

3) What’s your all-time favorite video game? Why? My all-time favorite game is Tecmo Bowl. I remember my friends and I would have tournaments every weekend and stay up all night playing that game.

4) Do you still play video games? What games are you playing right now? I only play now if my girls want to play and we play Just Dance, Mario Kart and Super Mario Brothers on the Wii.

5) What video game systems do you currently own? The Nintendo Wii and an Xbox 360.

6) What’s your favorite activity to do with your kids? My girls love cheerleading so I enjoy watching and helping them excel in that sport. But honestly, I enjoy doing anything that my girls enjoy doing.

7) What’s the best part about being a dad? The best part of being a dad is being able to live my life with two girls that I love so much and that they love me back just as much. Like when I’m sick and they bring me their favorite stuffed animal hoping that it makes me feel better. Or when they are sick and all they want is to lay in my arms.

8) What has been the worst part about being a dad? The worst thing for me was putting my girls through a divorce.

9) What’s your best advice for new dads? Enjoy every moment with your kids. They will have different interests than you but have fun learning something new with them. Your kids will only have ONE dad and that is you. So why NOT be an AWESOME DAD? 🙂

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