I am a die-hard Minnesota Vikings fan. It goes back to the mid-1990’s when I followed Warren Moon, my all-time favorite NFL player, from the Houston Oilers to Minnesota.

I originally became an Oilers fan because I loved playing Tecmo Super Bowl on my Nintendo. The Oilers were the only team that used the “Run & Shoot” offense and kept four wide receivers on the field most of the time. Warren Moon was their quarterback. What’s interesting is that I’ve met several Vikings fans over the years with the same exact story.

I actually became a pro football fan on my own. My step-dad wasn’t really into football and he never pushed my brother or me towards any particular team. It’s probably a little surprising that we turned out to be such big NFL fans. Fortunately for my brother, his team is the Indianapolis Colts. They had future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning and made several trips to the Super Bowl.

My Vikings haven’t been since the 1970’s. Thanks for nothing, Gary Anderson!

Even without the Super Bowls, I’ve stayed loyal.

Fortunately, my kids won’t be able to say that they had a similar experience growing up.

Ever since they were born, I’ve been dressing them in Vikings onesies, jerseys and gear. I even bought a little Vikings’ cheerleader outfit BEFORE my wife was pregnant with our little girl.


My gamble on the Vikings cheerleader outfit actually paid off!

All along, I’ve told my wife that I’m raising my kids to cheer for the Vikings and that I’m not paying for gear for other teams. She’s always thought I’m crazy. The crazy part is true but I’ve felt that it’s my right, more like my responsibility, as a Dad to raise my kids to cheer for my sports teams.

My oldest son went through a phase where he cheered for other teams to get on my nerves.

He eventually came around. I remember sitting at a Buffalo Wild Wings on draft night a few years ago and the server asked him who was his favorite team. He pointed at me and the Vikings shirt I was wearing and proudly told the guy it was the Vikings.

A proud moment for me, for sure.

Now at age 13, that kid wears Vikings t-shirts most of the time. I even have to fight with him to draft Vikings players in our fantasy football leagues.

I honestly think sharing sports with my kids is a wonderful pastime. It’s a great way to bond. I’ve really enjoyed sitting with him on Sundays watching our team play. I’m really hopeful that we’ll get to go a game in Minnesota in the coming seasons.

Now if I could just get my other two kids on board…

I’ll leave you with a short little video I shot back in 2010 right on the opening night of the NFL season. It’s my all-time favorite video and I still smile every time I watch it.

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