I love LEGO. I played with them as a kid and still enjoying building sets by myself or with my kids. Here, I’ve written several posts about LEGO and I guarantee there will plenty more. This blog could have just as easily been named “LEGODad.com.”

My boys and I have built a lot of LEGO sets over the last few years. They have been old enough to build their sets by themselves with some occasional help from me.

When we buy sets for my daughter, I usually end up building them for her. She’ll happily sit in my lap and occasionally put a couple of bricks together. The only issue is that it’s delayed the building of my own set (if we all got sets together).

Those days appear to be over.

Today, my baby girl built a set by herself. It’s a pretty cool LEGO Friends lake house that she got for Christmas. She was home today sick from school and built it on my office floor. Occasionally, I had to give her some direction or help her find a piece that she thought she lost (“Daddy, I promise I can’t find this piece anywhere.”).

She was extremely  happy with her accomplishment. So was I. It’s a sign that she’s getting bigger and is learning how to follow instructions.

Below is a video that she asked me to make where she proudly shows off her new LEGO set. My kids have a sudden infatuation with making YouTube videos. No idea where that came from.

I’m trying to cherish these types of moments with my daughter because I know there’s going to come a time where her friends or life are more important than building a LEGO set.

I’ll take what I can get for now.

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