This weekend, I took my 11-year-old son on a road trip to Cincinnati, OH. One of the highlights of the trip was visiting a LEGO store. We spent over an hour in the store and both picked out a few new sets to build. An added bonus was that we both received a special promotional LEGO VIP set. This particular set is given to customers that spend at least $125 in a LEGO store or on between October 10 and 25.

The LEGO VIP program is basically a loyalty program where LEGO customers earn points that they can redeem for future LEGO purchases. It’s usually $5 earned for every 100 points ($100).

Here’s a quick overview of the set:

  • Theme: LEGO VIP
  • Released: October 2017
  • Cost: Only available for LEGO customers that spend $125 between October 10-25, 2018
  • Pieces: 205
  • Minifigs: 2 (One of them is part of the wall display)
  • Skill level: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Build time: ~45 minutes

I get emails from LEGO all the time about the different promotional sets they’re offering. Some have been better than others. I have to admit that this set sounded pretty cool and I wasn’t disappointed when I first picked up the set. At 205 pieces, it felt more substantial than other promotional sets I’ve gotten over the years. It was like I got a full set for free. When the clerk rang up our purchases, this set displayed as $19.99 but I wasn’t charged anything for it. I guess it’s possible that LEGO sells the set if you want to buy it separately.

It’s not hard to see that I love LEGO and I really like the whole idea of the VIP program. Who doesn’t like earning money for purchases that they make anyway? When I saw this set, I thought it would look really cool on my shelf.

Let’s get into the build.

First up, let’s talk about the packaging. It’s got “VIP” all over it. When you pick the bag up, it’s got some weight to it. The back of the bag shows close-ups of the parts of the set.

Below you can see that there’s a nice selection of different pieces. As I said above, this isn’t your typical promotional set. There are a lot more steps than what I’m used to in a promotional set. This one took me around 40-45 minutes to build.

Below is the sticker sheet. Again, it’s quite a few stickers for a promotional set.

Here’s a close-up of the LEGO shop. My favorite part is the “Pick & Build” section. On the right side, are shelves with different LEGO sets on them.

Here’s an overhead shot showing the customer service counter and register. You can also see a small display in the front of the store with a bin for loose pieces and a LEGO cup.

Here’s the LEGO store employee. I love the details with the name badge. Typically LEGO employees can build their own badges. The employee is holding something. It looks like a case of some kind but I can’t really tell what it’s supposed to be. Maybe a handheld tablet?

Here’s a view of the front edge of the shop with a dragon made out of LEGO.

This is another cool aspect of the set. It’s the LEGO VIP logo. This is also what the LEGO VIP card looks like.

Overall, I’m very pleased with this set. I love getting free sets and I got a lot of enjoyment out of building it. So far, it’s my favorite promotional set. I’ve gotten some other cool ones but this one ranks at the top of the list. It was also a lot of fun building my set while my son was building his. He was a little bit ahead of me and kept pointing out what he loved about it.

This is exactly why I love LEGO. They take care of their loyal customers. Feeling like a VIP is what it’s all about!

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